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N    E    W        B    O    O    K    S

by Martin P. Starr

Church of Thelema/The 'Purple Cult' in Los Angeles/Hollywood, 1934

Here is a brief description of the contents: The first documentary study of the followers of the English mystic Aleister Crowley in North America, told through the life of their de facto leader, Wilfred Talbot Smith (1885-1957). To promulgate the Crowleyan teachings in Hollywood, in 1934 Smith incorporated the "Church of Thelema" -- known to Los Angeles newspaper readers as the "Purple Cult." The following year he started a lodge of Crowley's co-masonic Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) which attracted its own cast of characters including actor John Carradine and the gay radical Harry Hay. Smith's life reached its conclusion when Crowley, taking a page from Louis Bromfield's novel, THE STRANGE CASE OF MISS ANNIE SPRAGG sent him off on a retreat to determine which God he was incarnating, a journey from which he never returned....

Also included are: Charles Stansfeld Jones, C.F. Russell, Jane Wolfe, Max Schneider, Jack Parsons, Louis Culling, Grady McMurtry, Frederic Mellinger, H. Spencer Lewis(AMORC), Paul Foster Case(B.O.T.A.), Wayne Walker and others.

432 pages, over 44 amazing photographs and illustrations, this long-awaited book will be required reading for those interested in 19th and 20th century western esoteric movements, including the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Theosophical Society and the Crowley-derived organizations. The book also includes the first publication of Crowley's LIBER CXXXII, his instructions to Smith on discovering his own Godhood.

Teitan Press, Inc.           $45.00           432pgs.           Hardbk.           Illustrated

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By Boris Vian


Boris Vian was an engineer, inventor, chronicler of jazz, trumpet player, poet, creator of spectacles and scandals, lyric writer, singer, novelist, and of course pataphysician.

Tam Tam Books proudly announces their new publication of Boris Vian's masterpiece FOAM OF THE DAZE (L'Ecume des jours) and a new translation by Brian Harper with the full approval of the Vian estate.

FOAM OF THE DAZE is a jazz fueled Science Fiction story that is both romantic and nihilistic! Vian's novel is an assortment of bittersweet romance, absurdity and the frailty of life. It is a nimble-fingered masterpiece that is witty and incredibly moving. IT IS THE STORY OF A WEALTHY YOUNG MAN, COLIN, AND THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, CHLOE, WHO DEVELOPS A WATER LILY IN HER LUNG!

"The most heartbreakingly poignant modern love story ever written"
--- Raymond Queneau

"A kind of jazzy, cheerful, sexy, sci-fi mid 20th century Huysmans..."
--- Richard Hell

Tam Tam Books           $16.00           261pgs.           ppbk.           Novel/Fiction

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TRUE VAMPIRES: Blood-Sucking Killers Past and Present
By Sondra London

Illustrated by Nicolas Claux, 'The Vampire of Paris"

Some vampires are not fictional creatures. This book examines the real vampires and cannibals whose crimes have contributed to the fearsome mythos. TRUE VAMPIRES takes you into the minds of real blood-sucking and flesh eating killers from Romania and Russia, France and Wales, Brazil and South Africa, to the hills of Kentucky and the streets of Los Angeles. Vampire killer portraits throughout the book were painted by Nicolas Claux, 'The Vampire of Paris.'

Included in this deeply disturbing study of vampirism and cannibalism are:

Armin Meiwes, Manuela & Daniel Ruda, Peter Kurten, Rod Ferrell, Issei Sagawa, Natasha Cornett, Fritz Haarmann, Kyle Hulbert, Matthew Hardman, Ed Gein, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, Henry Lee Lucas, Albert Fish, Big Lurch, Arthur Shawcross, Ottis Toole, Andrei Chikatilo, Richard Trenton Chase, Nicolas Claux, Vlad the Imapaler and others.

"Sondra London knows her vampires - not the fictional ones that spring full-blown from the heads of novelists but the genuine articles, the real vampires who kill and suck blood and leave a scarlet trail of terror in the night. This book is her best." ----Jack Olsen, author, Son: A Psychopath and His Victims

"Vampires exist! They've been among us for centuries, and they're hiding in plain sight today. Sondra London proves it beyond a reasonable doubt in this incredible work of investigative reporting, historical sleuthing and forensic interpretation. This is a frightening, fascinating page-turner that drives a stake into the heart of disbelievers, turns true crime into literature and somehow even humanizes the hideous criminals who are driven by a bloodlust they can't control." ----Burt Kearns, author, Tabloid Baby

"Covering every aspect of a darkly fascinating subject from myth and folklore to history and psychology, TRUE VAMPIRES is at its unnerving best in revealing the existence of the monsters among us; those real-life beings possessed by an unslakable thirst for human gore. Sondra London has produced a classic of the genre." ----Harold Schechter, author, A to Z of Serial Killers, Bestial, Fiend and Deranged

Feral House           $16.95           363pgs.           ppbk.           Illustrated

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WAR IS A RACKET: Anti War Classic
By Smedley D. Butler

Smedley D. Butler took his Constitutional vows very seriously, repelling threats to America from without and within. Shortly after retiring from a lauded career (America's most decorated general), Butler brought down a Fascist corporate plot to seize the White House. Concerned for the future of democracy, Butler began to speak out against the venal motives behind many of this country's military actions.

WAR IS A RACKET pulls no punches against a corrupt military-industrial complex, eager to murder both foreign and native-born children for the sake of profit. The Feral House edition includes two other anti-intervention screeds written by Butler in addition to photographs taken from the astonishing 1932 anti-war book, THE HORROR OF IT.

WAR IS A RACKET, the piss & vinegar anti-war classic, published 70 years ago, may even be more relative today. Ralph Nader has written favorably about this small, very powerful book.

Feral House           $9.95           77pgs.           ppbk.           Not Illustrated

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INSIDE THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT: National Emergencies and the Cult of Secrecy
By Harry Helms

What would have happened on September 11th, 2001 if the first two hijacked planes had instead crashed into the White House and Capitol, killing the President, Vice President and most members of Congress?

The SHADOW GOVERNMENT would have taken control of the U.S. government:

A paranoid fantasy, right?

Wrong. The Shadow Government is fact, one of the most closely held secrets of the U.S. government. Originally created to keep the government functioning in case of a surprise Soviet attack, but the Shadow Government has mutated into an ominous threat to American civil Liberties and democratic government.


- How the President can suspend the Constitution and rule like a dictator by issuing "executive orders"

- The locations of secret facilities used by the Shadow Government
- Secret plans for implementing martial law and detaining civilians on military bases

- Secret budgets, kept from Congress, used to fund the Shadow Government

Author Harry Helms is a published expert on clandestine and pirate radio, and co-founder of a technical book publisher. For latest info on the Shadow Government, go to www.The-Shadow-Government.com

Feral House           $12.95           225pgs.           ppbk.           Not Illustrated

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Edited by Gene Gregorits and Lydia Lunch

SEX AND GUTS charges headlong into the sleazy world of b-movies, exploitation, rock music, smut and the celluloid underground. Featuring twenty-nine interviews with independent film makers, musicians performance artists and writers:

John Waters, Nico B., Steve Wynn, Jello Biafra, Jim Goad, Johnette Napilotano, Larry Wessel, Luis Fernandez, Nick Tosches, Dave Schramm, Steve Abee, Chris D., Stuart Gordon, Mary Woronov, Lloyd Kaufman, Jonathan Ames, Rennie Sparks, Asia Argento, Laila Nabulsi, Jim Thirwell, Margaret Cho, Ben Meade, Cynthia True, Vanessa Skantze, Simon Stokes, Carla Bozulich, Ron Athey, JK Potter, & Jim VanBeeber.

With articles and fiction by: Hubert Selby Jr., Kathy Jo Kramer, Gene Gregorits, Monah Li, Lydia Lunch, Bibbe Hansen, Kurt Lee, Nick Tosches, Daryl Edelman, Jerry Stahl, David Peace, Steve Abee, Mike Ryan, Joe Coughlin & Robbie Edmonstone.

Phony Lid Books           $20.00           280 pgs.           ppbk.           Heavily Illustrated in B&W

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Edited by Gordon Kennedy

A Pictorial Anthology from Germany to California 1883-1949

One of a kind 192 page photo compilation of naturopaths, nudists, philosophers, and proto-hippies who inspired their generation to think for themselves and to question authority. See where Ghandi and Hermann Hesse really received their educations, and why the modern day New-Age movement is just a cheesy American version of the original European vision for a utopian world of healthy people living in harmony with nature. Heavily illustrated including rare and little seen artwork by FIDUS. Text with black & white and color illustrations.

Nivaria Press           $15.00           192 pgs.           ppbk.           Many illustrations

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By Nikolas & Zeena Schreck

The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic

DEMONS OF THE FLESH is a comprehensive and unflinching overview of the erotic initiation and sexual sorcery essential to the mysterious magical tradition known as the "Left Hand Path." Along with the actual mechanics of sex magic, the book explores the occult application of many previously forbidden practices.

Includes: Taboo-breaking, Orgies, Sadomasochism, Fetishism, Sexual Vampirism, Ritual Intercourse with Divine and Demonic Entities, Etc..

Creation Books           $19.95           380 pgs.           ppbk.           Heavily Illustrated

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Edited By Joshua Buckley, Collin Cleary and Michael Moynihan

TYR is designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, with interests ranging from neo-paganism, mythology, metaphysics and folklore, to pre-Christian religious practices. TYR also has an extensive selection of music related items from Celtic and other European folk music, to 'Darkwave' and 'Industrial' music.

This premier issue features some of the most important writers in the neo-pagan and esoteric milieus. Included are:

Stephen Edred Flowers(aka Edred Thorsson) on "Integral Culture." Stephen Edred Flowers/Thorsson is the world's foremost writer on Germanic spirituality and runes. His book, FUTHARK: A Handbook of Rune Magic is still considered by many to be the most important text available on runic divination.

Joscelyn Godwin on the Italian esotericist Julius Evola. Joscelyn Godwin is one of the pre-eminent scholars of the Western esoteric tradition. His books have been translated into many different languages and include: ROBERT FLUDD, MUSIC and the OCCULT, ARKTOS, The THEOSOPHICAL ENLIGHTENMENT etc...

Nigel Pennick on "The Spiritual Arts and Crafts" and "The Goddess Zisa". Nigel Pennick is the author of over 40 books on European folk arts, landscape, customs, games, magical alphabets and spiritual traditions.

Michael Moynihan on divine traces in the NIEBELUNGENLIED. Michael Moynihan is a controversial writer and artist who has gained a considerable following for his writing and for his work as a musician (Blood Axis). He has also edited books by Julius Evola and the metaphysical writer Jose Arguelles.

Steve Pollington on the Germanic war god Woden. Steve Pollington specializes in Old English studies and has published several volumes through the small British imprint Anglo-Saxon Books.

And a wealth of other features on such topics as: Celtic myth, European philosophy, romantic literature, traditional folk music and an essay on the 1960's anti-modern television series The PRISONER.. book & music reviews etc..

Ultra Pub           $16.00           286 pgs.           ppbk.           Illustrated

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